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Prestacycle One Liquid


Prestacycle One Liquid

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ONE Product does it ALL!


  • Dry Lube
  • Wet Lube
  • Bike Wash
  • Degreaser
  • Rust Remover
  • Rust Preventer
  • Anti-Seize
  • Paint Protectant
  • Metal Polish
  • Leather Conditioner


USDA Certified Bio-based!
Unlike other products, Prestacycle® One uses agricultural ingredients. It is bio-based and USDA certified. Other products use petroleum and alcohol. Those products are not good for the environment, and may actually cause long-term harm to your bike. Paint and carbon fiber can react to harsh chemicals.
Lubrication that broke the Test!
Prestacycle® One was subjected to the ASTM 4 Ball Wear test. A steel ball is rotated against three lubricated stationary steel balls under a specified load, speed, temperature and time, per ASTM standards to determine wear or failure. Prestacycle® One’s lubrication score result: No Fail.
Each Feature makes the other Feature Better!
Other products dry-out your gear when cleaning. They may leave behind cleaning residue and be tacky and cause friction. Failure to fully re-lubricate inside-and-out after cleaning could cause damage. NOT with Prestacycle® One! As one product, the cleaner lubricates, and the lubricant cleans and protects – constantly! Prestacycle® One will clean, degrease and protect, and anything left on or inside the nooks and crannies is still a lube. Add more to friction surfaces after cleaning and those surfaces will continue to clean and protect while lubricating. Prestacycle® One is so effective it will actually remove rust from an old chain as you ride!
Dry Lube or Wet Lube? Yes!
Choosing dry or wet is based upon riding conditions. You may need wet lube on Thursday and dry lube on Saturday. Apply liberally for wet lube, wipe with a cloth to leave behind a dry lubricated surface. You can change between lubrication types without cleaning the chain each time. Anytime you want to change a dry application to wet, simply add more and it will stay wet. Wipe to switch to dry lube and the surface will resist picking-up dirt and dust.
One Product. Easy to Buy, Store and Carry!
You don't need to buy a whole suite of products from other brands to get all this functionality. With their petroleum and alcohol content, they may have safety warnings. You need to be careful where and how you store them, particularly around children. Not with Prestacycle® One! While Prestacycle® One is NOT a food product and is NOT approved for consumption, it does not pose any specific health risks due to accidental consumption. It is an agricultural product. Storage could not be simpler. One small container. Imagine having all this functionality in one small package and being able to transport it with you to your bicycling events, or even on your bike!
Proven Product
Prestacycle® One is engineered in liquid and creme form specifically for bicycle use, but is based upon an established, popular industrial lubrication that is highly-revered for its multi-functional properties. It is frequently used in applications where metal parts are lubricated in wet environments, including bearings that may be completely submerged.
Made in USA
Prestacycle® One’s ingredients are USA sourced and entirely formulated and packaged by our USA factory.



  • Substantially reduces friction improving pedaling, shifting and drive train performance
  • Sheds water
  • Clean, Lube and Protect with one product
  • Improved lubrication and wear resistance even when run dry
  • Temperature performance range from -48F to +600F
  • Extends chain life
  • Seasons chains and cables after 3-4 applications
  • State of the art penetrating characteristics
  • Road, Track, Gravel, CX, MTB, BMX & eBike
  • Motorcycles
  • Skateboards


  • State of the art Sub-Micron formulation enables the product to be run wet or dry for all riding conditions
  • Not vegetable oil or vegetable ester based. Will not dry out or gum up
  • No thermal decomposition even in extreme riding conditions
  • No Petroleum
  • No Alcohol


  • Green Engineered
  • Bio-based Product
  • Non-Toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • USDA Certified
  • Made in the USA with USA raw ingredients

Meets or Exceeds

  • MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D93 Flash Point
  • MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity 104 F
  • MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D4172 Wear Preventative Characteristics
  • MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM D5620 Load Carrying Capacity Jaw Load
  • MIL-PRF-6340E ASTM Corrosion Production
  • ASTM D 5183, Determination of the Coefficient of Friction for Lubricants: No Fail



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