Ready-To-Ride In Minutes

We build, tune and test every bike that leaves our shop. That way, when your new bike arrives, all that’s left to do is minor assembly so you can be out riding within 10 minutes. Simply install the front wheel, set the handlebar and seatpost, screw in your favorite pedals and you’re ready to GO!

As we're authorized dealers of every bike we carry – and personally build/tune/test each bike, there is no need for you to go to a local shop to have it professionally assembled…saving you time and money! This also means that all our bikes are fully backed by us and the manufacturer’s warranty.

Built, Tuned & Tested By Us

You can rest assured that your new bike is truly “ready to ride” when you receive it. That’s because every bike we sell is completely built, fine-tuned and thoroughly tested by us. This includes shifting, braking, tightening of all nuts/bolts, suspension adjustment, derailleur hanger alignment, etc. After test-riding it to ensure that everything operates perfectly under load, we prep it for shipping.


To ensure that your bike arrives safely to your home, we are meticulous when it comes to its packing before placing it in the hands of our shipping partners. We include all the tools you need for installing the front wheel, handlebar and seatpost, along with clear, simple instructions so you can be quick and confident!

In the very unlikely event you do need some help, just drop us a line here or call us at 228-400-0280 or toll-free at 855-433-3600. Our experts are here to help!