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Lead Out! Mini Frame Pack

Lead Out! Mini Frame Pack

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Whether you are heading out for an extended weekend adventure or staying local, the Mini Bike Frame Bag is ready for any adventure. Rock it on your roadie, gravel rig, aero bike, and casual cruiser. Lead Out! universal fit is the perfect size to carry more on your ride without having to ride bow-legged with a full-frame bike bag. The size of their bicycle frame bag also allows you to easily access regular-sized water bottles in cages below.

Store your slimmer items, like a phone or wallet, in the lay-flat 2D non-drive-side pocket. Use the frame bags 1.5 liters 3D drive-side compartment to stash outer layers, food, and tools.

Neatly and aerodynamically tucked in your front triangle. The mini frame bag is secured with bungee cords and soft but strong velcro that keep your frame safe from blemishes. A semi-structural foam liner keeps the shape of the bag and ensures the bag contents won’t rattle against your frame.

Lead Out! water-resistant fabric and zippers help keep your items safe in transitional weather. A retroreflective stripe helps you be seen in low-light and daytime conditions, providing additional safety on your ride.


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