GovVelo Key Tag

GovVelo Key Tag

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  • Made from 100% polyester
  • Double Sided (Remove Before Ride on one side with our awesome logo on the other)
  • 100% embroidered with merrowed borders
  • Luggage Tag Size: 14 x 3 cm

The Remove Before Ride tag is made from quality polyester with an all-metal riveted eyelet for longevity. These tags are perfect for a quick and easy way to identify your keys, bag, or luggage.

Our Remove Before Ride tags were inspired by the original Remove Before Flight ribbons used in aviation to highlight items that had to be removed before flight.

When going out for rides, we realized we were frequently leaving our keys in a door lock or somewhere else.  What better way to highlight it than by putting a bright tag on there to remind us about it?  Of course, we had to tweak it a bit to make it apply to cycling.  😉


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