GovVelo Challenge Coin

GovVelo Challenge Coin

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Challenge coins have a long history, with some saying it goes back to the time of Rome and Roman Legions, although, in more modern times, its usage started in World War I & II and more commonly during the Vietnam war (for history buffs, read more here at Wikipedia).

These coins have become a popular way of showing gratitude and recognition not only in the armed forces but among law enforcement and other groups.

We decided to create our very own challenge coin that we could use for those special moments to highlight the things we're passionate about.  It even inspired us to create our own motto "Revolutio Est Sanitas", which loosely translates to "Revolving Is Sanity" in reference to keeping one's cranks spinning (Latin is a dead language, so our Latin expert had to get a bit creative!).

Recipients thought our coins were pretty darn cool, so we decided to make them available to everyone to use for special moments!


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