Electra EBC 3000 Sprocket 20

Electra EBC 3000 Sprocket 20

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EBC 3000 20" takes kids on a ride into the future. Robots wave "hello" as they busily tinker with the circuit board throughout the Space Dust frame, fenders and chainguard. Futuristic elements are carried throughout the custom debossed saddle and friendly robot bell.

It's right for you if...

You're looking for a bike that's as unique and vibrant as they are. EBC 3000 feels as if it's a bike designed just for them. These fun-sized rides embody all of the energy and creativity of being a kid. After all, the best memories are made on two wheels.

The tech you get

It combines good old-fashioned fun with good new-fashioned style and technology. This bike is as comfortable as it is easy to ride with our patented Flat Foot Technology®, custom saddle, and linear-pull brakes with adjustable reach levers. Dual position crank arms accommodate growth spurts making EBC 3000 20" perfect for kids ages 5 to 8 between 3'8" to 4'5" tall.

The final word

Remember riding to your friend’s house or the store? Or taking off for nowhere in particular? It was simple and fun. Remember fun? We do. EBC 3000 20" features Electra quality and style with patented comfort and control. So get 'em off the devices and get ‘em outside, because outside is their best side.

Why you'll love it

  1. No tippy-toe stops and a wide view of the road so kids can see what's coming thanks to our patented Flat Foot Technology®.
  2. Front and rear linear-pull brakes allow them to stop on a dime when they hear the ice cream truck.
  3. Kids grow and this bike will grow alongside them with adjustable pedal mount positions.
  4. Puncture-resistant tires protect against flats to keep them riding all day while matching fenders add fashion and function.
  5. The universal, aluminum frame is built to last making this the most desired hand-me-down.
  6. Add the matching EBC 3000 helmet and handlebar bag to keep them safe and carry all the necessities. Like juice boxes and snacks.


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