Alto CCX52 Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset

Alto CCX52 Clincher Disc Brake Wheelset

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Carbon clinchers - are they for racing or training? Yes.

The CCX52 is crafted with a perfectly balanced disc brake design for road, cyclocross, and gravel grinding. Incorporating the worlds first high pressure hookless system, this is the rim that does it all -- road, cyclocross, and gravel. With a max tire pressure rating of 110psi, you can run this rim as a standard clincher with a tube or set it up tubeless, and with tires that range from 25mm up to 2.3 inch gravel tires! You'll find authentic NSK ABEC7 DDU sealed bearings in Alto's CCX52 wheels, designed for the longest lifespan in any conditions!


  • Front: 24H, 682g
  • Rear: 28H, 858g
  • Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo Compatible
  • Tubeless Compatible
  • Optimized for 11 speed and compatible with 10 speed
  • Carbon Fiber with EPS Core Mfg Technology
  • 23-28mm Clincher Tires Recommended
  • Alto Skewers Included
  • Unlimited Rider Weight Limit
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Additional decal and hub colors available on request



Alto engineers with purpose and creates products that are designed to improve upon and eliminate existing industry ailments -- specifically addressing lateral stiffness, ride quality, and durability. All Alto wheels have unlimited rider weight restrictions and a 5 year warranty!


A balanced wheel is a stiff wheel, and therefore a faster wheel. Alto set out to determine the answer to a specific engineering optimization question: what is the perfect hub geometry and spoke lacing pattern that will create the most balanced, most durable, and stiffest wheel possible? It took many months of programming, but the results were well worth it.


Alto carbon rims are created using a unidirectional filament winding process that results in the stiffest and most durable laminate structure in the world. It is their laminate design, along with their new high temperature resin, that make Alto rims the most technologically advanced on the market.



Premature bearing wear is way too common, and Alto designed a one-piece axle that will put a stop to the madness. The one-piece design, along with the use of aluminum 7075, means that the axle will not bend and flex under load. So the bearings won't torque and become damaged every time you stand and put the power down. The plug and collar system removes all thrust loading from Alto's NSK and CeramicSpeed bearings, allowing them to spin free for thousands of miles. It's a simple and efficient design that results in durability and speed.


Have you ever spun a wheel in your hands and had it feel, well, not so good? We all hate that. Alto created a system that would allow for free spinning bearings and ultra fast wheels. A labyrinth seal is machined directly into Alto's hubs, with extremely tight tolerances and material overlaps that make it impossible for water and debris to reach those precious bearings. There are no plastic dust shields to create drag, and no energy lost to unnecessary friction.


Alto leaves nothing to chance. Their engineers are using state of the art solid modeling and finite element analysis to optimize every design. They test each part in every load condition to be sure it is as light as possible while also staying well above the required factor of safety. Optimization at its finest.


  Rear Hub Front Hub
Weight 270.5g 114.6g
Shell Material AL 6061-T6 AL 6061-T6
Axle/End Cap Material AL 7075-T6 AL 7075-T6
Drive Side Lacing 2-Cross 2-Cross
Non-Drive Side Lacing 2-Cross 2-Cross
Drive Flange Diameter 109.7mm 43.3mm
Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter 69.3mm 79.4mm
Center to Drive Flange 18.0mm 38.9mm
Effective Center to Drive Flange 25.7mm 38.9mm
Center to Non-Drive Flange 38.1mm 23.9mm
Effective Center to Non-Drive Flange
38.1mm 32.1mm
Axle Diameter 15mm 15mm
Shell Bearings NSK 6902DDU NSK 6802DDU
Freehub Bearings NSK 6802DDU N/A
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