Top Reasons Why You Should Start Cycling

During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it seems like everyone got the same idea at the same time: get back on a bike. It seems people added reducing the risk of infection from being crammed together with many commuters on a bus or train to the ongoing list of top reasons why you should start cycling. We’re working hard to meet intense demand. While you’re mulling over what type of bike to buy, why not review the great reasons you’re looking in the first place?


Cycling is good for you. It ranks right up there with jogging as a top calorie-burner, and it’s easier on the knees. Cycling is a great aerobic exercise, getting the heart pumping and blood flowing. It can lower blood pressure and build muscles to make you feel energized.

Mental Health

Cardiovascular exercise improves mood. The burst of feel-good endorphins that come with exercise has such a positive effect on people who suffer from anxiety and depression that they may even come to rely on exercise to boost their mood. The exercise you get from cycling relieves stress and can also help improve sleep.


Cycling is much cheaper than driving. Commuting by car costs the average American $9,000 a year in gas, oil, insurance, and maintenance. Even the highest-end Marin rift zone bikes pay for themselves through savings in the first year or two over driving a car.

For the civic-minded, cycling saves a lot of money for everyone in health care costs. Cities that invest in bike lanes see economic benefits from increased shopping. Additionally, cyclists take fewer sick days than other workers, helping with productivity. Did we mention cyclists are happier too?

Brain Power

The boost of oxygen to the brain from cycling provides can reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Exercise improves problem-solving skills and helps build new brain cells in the region of the brain responsible for memory.

Environmental Impacts

The emissions from the respiration of a cyclist are minuscule compared to the greenhouse gasses emitted by a car. Commuting by bike takes a car off the road, reducing traffic congestion and pollution. A Lund University of Copenhagen study found that cars cost society six times more than cycling in road maintenance, health care costs, pollution, noise, and climate change.

Doing good for others is a top reason to start cycling, and you’ll end up doing good for yourself in the process. Whether you’re looking for a new ride for your commute, endurance road riding, or trail riding recreation, our team at GovVelo can help you find the bike that’s best for you!

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