The secret to scoring with New Year’s resolutions

Oh, the love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions! Every year as we make them, we’re filled with hope, positivity and a sense of renewal – only for those feelings to quickly turn into despair, disappointment and frustration by January 2nd.

Well, after too many failures of this kind, we’re thrilled to share with you our recently discovered secret to “beating the system”. Instead of committing to resolutions for a full year, we simply opt for one-day resolutions. This means that we resolutely live New Year’s Day as if it were a blueprint for every day of the upcoming year.

How it works

On New Year’s Day, we focus on being exemplary in every way that will bring us closer to obtaining our goals for that year. Maybe your goal is to be more present and available for your family, or to focus on projects around the house that desperately need attention. Or it could be to cut out refined sugars (when not on the bike) or be lightning fast come race season. Heck, you can even choose them all like one of us did here in the office. Once you nail down your goal(s), all you have to do is follow through with them on the first day of the New Year.

But first…

There’s no rule that says you can’t go out with a bang! Go ahead and celebrate New Year’s Eve with reckless abandon! For one of us here, this means plopping down on the couch with pound of Belgian chocolates (minus the orange ones that go straight to the trash) and wash it down with Belgian Kasteel beer (dark version) while mindlessly watching the classic Tarantino film, “Reservoir Dogs”.

Resolution kickoff

We asked one of our employees here who’s already successfully taken this approach last year to give us a rundown of what her resolution-day will look like. She’s actually chosen all four of the suggested goals above.

“Preparation for my resolutions will actually start on New Year’s Eve, before the “last hurrah” gets underway. I’ll lay out my cycling clothes for the next morning, filling the jersey pockets with energy bars, gels, rain jacket and every unction that may be needed such as sunblock, chamois cream, cash, credit card and ID. Next, I’ll make a list of how I’ll spend my time the next day, ensuring that I make time for all key tasks that’ll bring me closer to my yearly goals.

New Year’s Day will begin with drinking a 750ml bottle of water for getting a head start on my hydration. Then it’s out the door with my kitty for her morning walkies (yup). Once back, I’ll fuel up for my ride with a healthful bowl of apple/banana/flaxseed oatmeal with a fresh pot of French press coffee. Once showered and suited up, I’ll head out for a ride.

I will again, like last year, choose my absolute top favorite roads that lead to the café with yummy chocolate chip muffins as the turnaround point. (Yeah, while technically not eaten on the bike, it still counts as consumed during the bike ride so it’s exempt from the “no refined sugars” rule 😉) While on the bike, I’ll pay careful attention to my riding style such as maintaining a calm upper body and an efficient pedal stroke. I’ll ride the speed that inspires me at each moment in time to remind myself that riding is all about having fun.

Upon returning from the ride, I’ll begin my recovery process. The first step is to wash and thoroughly dry my bike in preparation for the next day’s adventure. Next step is to take a shower and slip into something a little more comfortable – my pink fuzzy mammoth sweats.

After watching the cyclocross races I recorded earlier in the day – with legs elevated of course, I’ll tackle one house chore that desperately needs attention. On the docket this New Year’s Day is gathering up all dishes, utensils, pots, pans not in use. I’ll box them all up and drop them off at my local non-profit later in the week.

I’ll then sit down with my partner to informally check in, to listen to anything he wants to discuss or share with me. We may even talk about our goals or ideas. As neither one of us is a big talker, this may transform quickly into a Spotify dance-fest with us taking turns choosing songs.

Then it’s back to smart choices for dinner, like a couscous bowl filled to the brim with falafel, hummus, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, shredded carrots, and lemon-tahini drizzle.

For dessert, I munch on an apple and pretend I’m enjoying it as much as I did the pralines and beer from last night. But alas my New Year’s resolution is only for one day, I remind myself.

After an evening stroll with my partner and kitty, I’ll again lay out my cycling clothes for the next day, jersey pockets filled. Once in bed, I’ll take a few moments to reflect on the day, giving thanks to all I am grateful for (like arriving at the café just in time to grab the last chocolate chip muffin), then run the events of tomorrow through my mind so I’m prepared for what is to come. Finally, I’ll drift off to sleep knowing that my true resolution is to enjoy the process of obtaining my goals…and knowing that I conquered my New Year’s Resolution for the WIN! 💥

Well, to us, that sounds like a pretty good way to go!

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