COVID-19 Update

With the current situation around the novel coronavirus, we wanted to take a moment to reach out to our customers to provide an update.

Our service team is continuing to work to take care of our customers and ship awesome gear to your doorstep. As we take steps to carry out the health and safety advice from health authorities, including enhanced cleaning protocols, we're also letting staff work from home whenever possible to help minimize the chance of spreading risk.

The last two weeks have already seen slow downs occurring in the supply chain, and we expect those to worsen over the next several weeks before they get better. While we have a robust inventory on hand, we do expect some of our best selling products to be negatively affected by the current situation as we were already experiencing delays ahead of these latest developments.

We cannot predict how things will evolve, but we'll continue to do everything we can to make sure that you, our customers, are taken care of and that we communicate any issues that do come up as proactively as possible.


On a different note...
We're seeing many group rides and casual gatherings being canceled, in part because of USA Cycling's request to do so and guidance from the CDC about groups over 50 people.

Avoiding large gatherings is prudent given the circumstances, but it's no reason to sit on a couch (unless you're self-quarantining in which case, getting on a trainer is a great choice).

Perhaps now, more than ever is an opportunity to focus on training and fitness.

Cycling is a great way to do that, and given the dynamics of the sport, it's easy to maintain the necessary levels of social distancing while still having fun, wether it's on the trail or riding virtually on Zwift.

Thank you and wishing you good health,

Daniel & Bart

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