We're changing our name and thought it would be a great opportunity to start with "why", as Simon Sinek so aptly puts it in his book. was built on the foundation of providing members of the armed forces, past and present, with top-notch cycling gear at great prices along with great advice. Over the years we’ve succeeded in this endeavour beyond our wildest dreams. All of us here have many years of experience in the saddle and countless miles on the road and trail, bringing real-world knowledge to our customers. We pride ourselves on great customer service before, during, and after each sale.

As we’ve rapidly grown bigger (and better), we’ve outgrown not only our original website but also our original brand. Our focus has been on the military community, but we’ve always offered our exclusive discounts to all those who serve, including all government employees. As our growth has continued, our old brand has become like that favorite shirt growing up and one day it just didn’t fit so well anymore. Rather than try to keep making it fit, we decided to rip off the proverbial band-aid and boldly go forward into the unknown.

It’s taken months of hard work, challenging our opinions, looking back over the years, injecting some new blood, and taking a tough look at what matters most to our customers. All of that has led us to where we are now, with a whole new name, a whole new look, welcoming some new people on board, and an incredible online store that is fast, easy to navigate, and is focused on what our customers care about and nothing else. Welcome to!

Once the dust settles from the change, we’ve got some exciting things planned in the coming months, including some new brands, new gear, and other surprises. Our love of cycling is strong and we’re not afraid to show it! We love getting feedback from our customers, so keep sending it our way. Got some awesome ride pics? Send ‘em! Hearing from our customers is what keeps us going! is here to support you, the cyclist, at any skill level or discipline. Whether you’re the solo commuter riding across town or setting off on that epic bucket list bike-packing adventure in the Andes, we can get you the gear and will share every bit of knowledge! Love a fast sportif or club metric century, or even going for that epic Gran Fondo? We’re here! Some us are also active on the MTB scene and race competitively, eating up every rootball and bump we can find, yet others LOVE smooth and flowy singletrack. The RIDE EVERYTHING philosophy really makes us smile and in our own effort to follow that, we’re diving into what is an increasingly popular segment in cycling, cross/gravel. We’ll be sharing our experiences with you!

Speaking of experiences, our staff attended Interbike 2018, the main industry tradeshow in the US, again this year, meeting with vendors, checking out new tech, and sharing it with you! It’s moved from Las Vegas to Reno, and that gave us to the opportunity to demo the new bikes and products for 2019 at the premier riding destination Northstar Resort. Look for another blog post on that soon!

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for trusting us with your business and letting us serve you!

Daniel & Bart

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