A New Year Already?

Wait, are the holidays already over? That went WAY too fast. Seriously.

I suppose that's what happens when you work too much and don't get enough play time.  So, is this where new year's resolutions come in?  I've never been very good at those, but kudos to those who try, and more kudos to those who try and see at least a modicum of success!

Here's my thoughts on the new year that lies ahead...

  • First and foremost, be a decent human being.  That seems to be more and more challenging in our society, but that makes it all the more important.
  • Second, ride bikes. A lot.  It'll help make you (and me, and all of us) be more decent human beings.  Feeling particularly mad at something or just ticked off?  Get on a bike and go for as hard of a hammerfest as you can muster.  All that anger is going to melt away through your legs and into the pedals.  Too tired for that?  Do it anyway.  Promise, it really works.
  • Third, make sure it's not all work.  Spend time having fun.  Spend time with those you care most about and really focus on the things that truly matter.  The rest is just noise.
  • Fourth, do at least one epic thing this year.

And on that terrible disappointment, it's time to... Oh, wait, that's the ending line of a particular car show with three British gentlemen that'll be starting a new season shortly.  Apparently, my brain's already jumped straight to number three.  ;-)

So, in parting, ride on into an incredible new year and do some amazing things, however big or small and make it count!


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