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    Specialized Road Tube Spool With Tube + Cartridge

    In-Store Pickup Only

    The Road Tube Spool is a simple, compact system that'll carry everything you need to fix a flat without weighing you down. To do so, its design allows for a spare tube, with up to an 80mm valve stem, to be rolled-up without damaging the tube. Meanwhile, the Spool easily holds a lever, CO2 cartridge, and a valve head.

    • Ingenious design allows a spare tube to be rolled up, while protecting the valve stem from rubbing a hole through the rubber.
    • CO2 valve head and two-sided tire lever snap into place for compact and secure storage.
    • Holds a single threaded 16g CO2 cartridge.
    • Fits up to 80mm-long tube valve stems.
    • Hook-and-loop strap holds everything securely in place.